Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day 239 Food for this retreat

On this retreat at the coast, we've ended up with 5 participants rather than the usual 6 so we've had to make more meals than usual. Much to my surprise, I've volunteered for that and it's been fun to make and make do with what we have. And of course, I had brought things for my two meals as well.

For my first meal, I did a pork tenderloin (gift from Lily) with artichoke hearts, apple slices and pear slices. I didn't brown the meat, which would have been a good idea, so it didn't look so great but it was delicious. We ate it with a pinot noir grape jelly (gift from my sister Shannon) with potatoes and white cabbage that had been roasted with curry, and a salad of mango, beets, and avocado.

For tonight, I got out the crock pot and put in red onion, red pepper, green pepper, cauliflower, green beans, navy beans, carrots, and potatoes. A jar of Trader Joe's red curry sauce, some cumin, and some chicken broth. We'll see if it's good. I'm serving it with salad and guacamole and chips.

For the last two lunches, I've made what we've called Netartian Goulash. Yesterday's had the rest of the curry potatoes and cabbage, stuffed peppers with elk meat and quinoa, leftover butternut squash/pinto bean soup, leftover lentil and spinach soup, all in a big pot with some broth added and a big salad. Today we we had the last of yesterday's goulash to which I added leftover cut-up chicken and a tomato soup base that Susan B. had brought and some broth. Adding the tomato soup base made yesterday's goulash taste quite different and equally delicious.

I used to be someone who preferred the clean up rather than the cooking. That's really changing.

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