Friday, November 8, 2013

Day 242 Resting and Belonging in the Sacred

In a Life Purpose group I'm leading, we did an exercise identifying values that were important to us. The first group were values that we know we live from. The second group, however, were values that we would like to live from. This was where it got interesting for me, because no matter how many of the values (there must have been 100 or more) I kept looking at, three clearly shouted out to be addressed: Rest, Belonging, Sacredness.

After doing a lot of this transformational work, I know to listen to those shouts, those nudges, those inclinations. So I chose as my project for this group an inquiry, an exploration into Resting and Belonging in the Sacred. While I was on retreat this past week, I asked the other four women to offer me suggestions and ideas for this project. I received a lot of great possibilities. Here are some I am considering:

1. Do less. Start with 5% less activity each day for a couple of months.
2. Hum or chant regularly
3. Write a definition of Deep Rest and post it where I can see it each day.
4. Dance to sacred music (try Gabrielle Roth CDs)
5. Take a siesta every day in the afternoon.
6. Enter my house with a pause, a breath, and a bow.
7. Look for the sacred and the symbolic everywhere.
8. Make a list of where I feel I belong and where I don't and inquire into the difference.
9. Write letters to the Mystery.
10. Do a few minutes of reading in spiritual texts each morning while journaling.

Any suggestions you'd like to share?

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