Saturday, November 9, 2013

Day 243 Updating my personality Part II

One of the things I've wanted to change about myself for a long time is my attitude about exercise. Even as a kid with a lot of energy, I preferred quiet activities. I was a big reader, I liked card games and board games, I enjoyed writing and drawing. I'd play kick the can and tetherball with other kids but I wasn't really athletic. I did like to run but I didn't want to do sports. They just didn't interest me.

Other than required phys ed classes, I had no interest in anything active (besides sex and dancing) until into my 30s when I began jogging for weight control. I didn't like doing it although eventually I felt better after I did it and I took some pride in the consistency with which I kept it up. But I didn't enjoy it.

That's something I'd like to figure out. I'm not lazy by nature. I'm a hard-worker in many arenas of my life, but as I said in an earlier post, I don't like to sweat or be out of breath. That kind of physical discomfort is hard for me to tolerate. And as I write this, I get a flash that this is the same kind of intolerance for discomfort that I get with restlessness, boredom, discontent that leads to eating.

I want to update/upgrade my personality so that I'm someone who looks forward to exercise, to using my body and keeping it fit and strong, rather than someone who puts up with it because it's good for me. I'm not sure how to go about that, but yesterday I did my first 90-minute gym session and instead of feeling the time stretch out endlessly, boringly, I looked for ways to stay engaged. It's a step.

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Gillian Byers said...

Hi Jill! I found your page via Rochelle Rice's fb post about it :)
I have not read all of your past posts, but I was wondering if you have tried dancing for exercise? I see in this post you mention enjoying it in the past. It can be an amazing full body workout and super fun! You can take classes, join a group, or do DVD's/youtube at home on your own.