Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day 250 The value of working with a coach

When I started thinking about changing my food (in early February last year after watching the two pivotal movies I've talked about earlier in this blog), I had no intention of finding a coach to help me. I bought a juicer and started thinking about ways I could eat more vegetables and less meat. But then I ran across an old friend, Elisabeth Dunham, who'd become a health coach and I decided to have an initial free session with her and consider the assistance.

Between our reconnection and that free session, I began drinking green juice and smoothies each morning and moving towards animal protein once a day, but I had no specific plan beyond that. I just knew I needed to make a change and I wanted the happiness Joe Cross was finding from juicing.

Many years with the 12 Steps had helped me see the value of a structured plan of suggestions and of working with a coach (sponsor) and although I hadn't planned to invest the money, after my consultation with Elisabeth, I realized I could use her support. So I signed up for 3 months and then another 3. Now we talk once a month and I feel fine on my own, but having her help those first months was great. She answered questions via email, made many suggestions about alternatives when I'd run into a snag, and was so willing to help me design my own program, one that worked for me. I found it made a huge difference to have her guidance and support.

I have 3 gift certificates for conversations with Elisabeth. If you'd like one, send me your address (my email is and I'll put it in the mail to you. Maybe you're ready to let go of how it has been and to take on what could be. It's well worth it!

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