Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 252 Eight things I learned on the 420/7 exercise plan

Saturday I finished week 4 of my plan to exercise 420 minutes a week (or 60 minutes a day) for a month. The last week I was an hour short but I let the week I did 510 minutes fill that in (I am always in danger of becoming fanatical about things). Here's what I learned.

1. I can enjoy and look forward to moving every day.
2. Walking outside is my favorite activity so far.
3. I enrolled my gym buddy Melanie into doing an hour three times a week instead of 45 minutes each time.
4. Instead of begging off that I don't have the time, I can go along when Melanie does a 90-minute session on Thursdays.
5. I can spend 90 minutes in the gym without whining or being bored.
6. Merely walking longer times increased my speed (no special effort made).
7. If I'm going to do weights or floor exercises as part of a day's workout, I need to do it right after I walk. If I don't, it doesn't happen.
8. Mornings are best for me.

If you participated in the challenge, let me know how you did (

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