Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Day 253 The holiday landmines approacheth

My first sober Thanksgiving was difficult. I was one month out of treatment, desperate to stay sober, miserable alone, and comfortable pretty much only in a meeting. I went to two meetings before Thanksgiving dinner, stayed at my host's only an hour (there was a lot of drinking going on although no one offered me a drink as I had explained my circumstances) and then I went to two more meetings, hanging on to the thought that a holiday is just another 24 hours.

But Kathy Herriage, one of the readers of this blog, reminded me of the food landmines that pop for us at this time of year and particularly where food is involved. Because we have become a culture that indulges and overindulges all the time, you'd think that holiday groaning boards would be no big deal. But because we often bring our old emotional baggage around the holidays down from the attic or up from the basement to drag around at gatherings, we are more susceptible.

Yesterday I was challenged by the first landmine. I taught an all-day workshop at a nearby university and the students had filled a table with cookies and cake. I'd brought my own salad and green smoothie so I wasn't tempted until the hot pizza arrived. I didn't eat any although I was invited to by many of the students, but the smell of it filled the room for the last three hours and that was tough.

I'm a firm believer in announcing my commitments so I've asked my good friend Melanie, who hosts a wonderful Thanksgiving potluck, to set aside some potatoes before she mashes them with butter and cream for those of us who don't do dairy. Three of us at the table are on the Plan so Lily is going to make the quinoa, butternut squash dish that I posted a couple of days ago. Shannon will bring a big green salad. And I'm going to make some kind of a baked fruit dish for dessert. No matter what else is at the table we'll have plenty to eat.

How are you going to handle holiday landmines?

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