Thursday, November 21, 2013

Day 255 A palpable experience of change

For the last seven years, I've taught an all-day writing workshop to first-year doctoral candidates at George Fox University in Newberg. The campus is 45 minutes from here on a day of good weather and easy traffic, 75 if not. I teach tor 6-7 hours with a short lunch break. The day is intense: I'm trying to teach them most of a semester's writing course in a day. And I'm an active teacher and I use the white board extensively in the old style so I'm on my feet all day. So I'm very, very tired when I get home and in the past, I've been pretty worthless, both mentally and physically, the next day.

I've learned to plan an easy Tuesday, no work promises, no gym commitment, maybe a massage, maybe just hanging out. And I planned that for this week too. But when I got home Monday night, I wasn't all that tired, just tired. I didn't crash about 8 pm as I have before. I woke up early Tuesday morning, clear-headed and energetic and that clarity and energy lasted all day.

And I realized that how the way I'm eating and exercising is giving me an awful lot more stamina than I've had the last few years. I don't think feeling so good Tuesday was a fluke. I think it was the Plan.

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