Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 258 What I am wanting to subtract from my life

Less body: I want a smaller body so I can move more easily, get in and out of the car more easily, navigate stairs more easily, get off the floor more easily.I'm less interested in being thinner in some cultural ideal way and much more interested in being lighter

Less stuff: Every couple of years I do a major purge. One year, it was 20% of my stuff, including furniture.I usually include a percentage: I want to eliminate 20% of my books (1 of 5) or 20% of my clothes (1 of 5). One year I got rid of all craft supplies that were not for painting or drawing or collage. One year I got rid of 30%of the stuff in my basement storage unit. I think I'm due for a 10% in general reduction of stuff (1 of 10).

Fewer appointments: I'm wanting a more spacious calendar. Four appointments in a week seems plenty. And on no more than two days of the week.

Shorter to-do list: I used to have a system where I kept a master list and each day choose 2-3 things to be responsible for from that list. I've let that practice drop and want to reinstate it again so the days feel spacious.

What are you subtracting?

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