Monday, November 25, 2013

Day 259 Planning minimal food get-togethers

I was born in this holiday season of eat, drink, and be merry. And the first two have often be a huge part of the holidays for me. This year I am much more interested in being merry. I had written earlier about holiday food landmines and I'm thinking about how I can take charge of this to protect myself. I don't worry too much about succumbing to temptation, but I'd rather avoid the stress of having to be so disciplined. So I've been thinking about some different ideas.

It's a time of eatings out: meeting seldom-seen friends for lunch or dinner. Having them to my home would help me eat more of what I need and want: food I've fixed myself.

We're in a spate of dry, sunny weather. I could suggest a walk and a cup of tea instead of a meal.

I could invite people to get together in my studio and paint or draw.

I could invite people to drop by and write together for a couple of hours.

I could invite a friend to go window shopping or gallery hopping or go to a holiday concert together.

I can take something simple and lovely for every potluck. Here's my current favorite (all available at Trader Joe's). Cube vacuum-packed cooked beets and ripe avocado and toss with a light vinaigrette. Carefully fold in cubes of thawed frozen mango. Put in a pretty bowl and watch it disappear!


kathy said...

Hi There
I was going to have people here as well, so they could benefit from healthier fare, but I decided it was easier to not do so. I really get tired of all the griping and smart comments. The weather kept me in mostly the last couple of days and I was fine with it...If I went out into the world I would be walking into temptation and could buy things that would negatively impact eating right. I have a tuff time during holidays. I crave comfort foods. I am now 140 pounds and have absolutely no problem eating huge portions of all of them... So isolating myself is another defense I guess. (This would be after or including eating the veggie and green diet! hmmmm!

Jill Kelly said...

I hear you, Kathy. It takes me back to the early days of sobriety where everything seemed to shout drink me, drink me. Isolating, like most defenses, can be a good thing.