Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day 260 What if your life is a wonderful adventure, a fabulous project? Part I

I came across this suggestion from Eric Maisel towards the end of his book, Why Smart People Hurt, about two weeks ago and it has really stayed with me. I got to thinking about adventures from my past and what adventure might mean to me now.

I used to take a lot of risks. You know the ones. Driving drunk and sometimes worse, driving so hungover that I couldn't think. Going home with some guy I'd known for six minutes before last call, or worse yet, taking him home with me so he knew where I lived. Walking to the store in subzero weather on icy sidewalks to get more booze.

Back in those days, I chased drama and high-adrenaline experiences. I lived in jealousy, outrage, gossip, cynicism. I complained a lot. I chased what I didn't seem to have.

Now I'm interested in a different kind of living. So what if my life is a wonderful adventure? How do I step into that? How do you step into it for yourself?

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