Friday, November 29, 2013

Day 263 Little virtue in rigidity

One of my friends, who has been on the plan for a few months, is thinking about letting it go. She isn't noticing huge, positive changes (although she had some in the first several months) and she's finding it just too inconvenient. I was curious about that when I talked to her because I don't find eating this way any less convenient than the way I was eating before. In fact, in some ways, this is easier as I've developed some time-saving habits, like making a big crockpot of vegetable soup or stew each week, doing a veggie bake at the same time so I have side dishes for my dinners, and cooking steel cut oats in the rice cooker and making enough for 3-4 days at a time.

So I decided to ask her about the inconvenience and because she has a husband with serious health issues, I was sure she was going to bring him up. But she didn't. Eating at home wasn't the issue. Eating out was. When she had a meal with her kids or with friends in their home, she didn't want to draw attention to herself or have special needs. When she ate out, she wanted to order whatever seemed most appealing. From her viewpoint, that made real sense to me.

And it got me thinking about rigidity, and how being rigid on a food plan may have no virtue in it at all. Sometimes abstinence is our best choice: no alcohol at all for me. No alcohol in cookies or desserts, no fake beer or wine. But I don't worry about a naturopathic tincture as that doesn't seem to trigger me. But it might trigger some others. So we each decide what the boundaries are, what avoiding something means.

I don't mind telling people about my food plan and asking for what I need but that may not be true for everybody and I do appreciate not wanting to make it such a big deal that I inconvenience other people unnecessarily. I also have several trips planned in the new year and may need to modify my plan to fit them. So I encouraged my friend to find what works best for her, rather than just jettisoning the plan. What is working best for you?


Vicki said...

For me at the moment, I'm realizing what's NOT working for me...and I'm hoping that move me back to what WAS working. What's not working is giving myself too much permission to indulge in the holiday food madness, and not enough permission to treat myself well with decent food.

Jill Kelly said...

I too find it so hard to do moderation if it tastes good!