Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 266 Creating a Deep Rest project

Several weeks back, I noted the occurrence of Rest as a value in an exercise I was doing and I've had a lot of thoughts about that since then. And because we are moving into the darkest time of the year here in the North and it is a traditional time of resting for the earth and all physical nature, it seems really appropriate to me to take on a Deep Rest project for the next two months.

"Project" may not be the right word. Perhaps "inquiry" is more important. Saturday, with December 1 looming, I felt frustrated that I hadn't designed the whole Rest project (i.e., worked at it--and I am certainly conscious of the irony of that). And then I came to my senses and saw how I could just try out some things and see what worked (hence, the idea of inquiry).

So this week, I'm taking on less time in front of the screen. I'm turning off the computer by 8 pm or earlier and not turning it on until 8 am or later. I'm also turning off the TV if I'm watching it by 9 pm so that there is time for reading and reflection before I go to bed.

I can feel a slight shift already, a bit more spaciousness in the morning, a bit more focus on my journal and novel writing, my first two activities. And I feel a bit more energetic in the evening around tidying up. And with the computer off, the house is quieter, I'm quieter.

What might your Deep Rest project start with?

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