Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day 316 Unchain your brain

I've had a copy of this book by two MDs (Amen and Smith) for a couple of years. It's an interesting look at brain chemistry and addiction and looks at it both from a physiological model and a psychological model. I was struck in particular by their division of addicts into 6 types: compulsive, impulsive, compulsive-impulsive, sad/emotional, and temporal lobe (rageaholics).

I fit into the anxious category (too much cortisol, too much worry) and food addiction is most common in this group as we are looking for anything and everything to soothe us. Because our anxiety is chronic, we usually hoard our substance so that we always have a supply, rather than running out and getting some when we are out. That explains a lot of my behavior to me. We also tend to be low in the neurotransmitter amino acid GABA.

Being an anxious addict explains to me why I don't enjoy the food I'm overeating. I'm not interested in the food itself or what it tastes like, I'm only interested in being soothed and I identify certain foods that do that pretty quickly.

May be time for me to try some GABA supplements.

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