Monday, February 3, 2014

Day 329 Practicing obedience to the unenforceable

While in Florida, I went with my friend Karen to an Alanon meeting. I'm always struck by the gentleness of Alanon, the rather yin or female feeling to the meeting and certainly to the readings. Of course, Alanon was originally for the wives of alcoholics just as AA was for men and that may be part of it. And Alanon's focus is relationship sanity, not substance sobriety, and that may be part of it too.

The meeting focused on Tradition 2 and I was struck by this phrase from the reading: "practicing obedience to the unenforceable." That so sums up the commitment to food sanity I wish to embrace. There is no way to enforce it, those choices to not eat certain things, to abstain. But there are ways to practice that sort of obedience, obedience to our Higher Self, our own best interests, our own good. And while it is a practice (i.e., progress, not perfection), it's a noble effort.

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