Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 331 Evie is becoming a pet

I am sitting at my desk here in my office and Evie is sleeping in the wicker inbox to my left. The box is a favorite sleeping place for Frannie and for Sammy. They're within arm's reach for a petting hand at many times of the day. It used to be Frannie's box only. But Sammy doesn't pay any attention to tradition or rules and so if he gets in it, Frannie is out of luck. I've seen Evie eyeing the big cats in the box but she's now figured out how to get up on the desk and if it's empty and I'm here, she gets in. Her eyes are closed as I write this and she is purring loudly.

I was gone to Florida the last 8 days, and Kathy, my regular cat sitter, said that it wasn't until day 6 that Evie let her pet her. But last night, when I got home and called her name several times, Evie came right out to the living room and with a little coaxing came up to me to be petted. I was concerned that she might have forgotten me, regressed somehow, but no. And during the night, I woke several times to find her asleep on my arm and ready to purr the moment I touched her.

There's some wildness left, of course. If I move too quickly or make too much noise, she'll skedaddle in a flash, but she knows me and is bonding with me, and asleep in the box, she's just one of the cats.

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