Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 333 Juice relief

Monday I traveled home from Florida. My plans for an easy trip (an hour layover in Minneapolis midway) of 9 hours turned into 18 hours due to mechanical problems in Florida that delayed us four hours and then a missed connection that put me in Minneapolis for almost 5 hours instead of that one hour layover). I had planned to be home at my house by 2 pm on Monday and getting to the organic market so I'd be able to slip right back into my eating routine.

Of course that didn't happen and I got home at 8:30 to an empty fridge. The next morning I had oatmeal and was at the store early buying kale and collard greens, cucumbers and apples, carrots and celery, romaine and fennel. By 10 am I had juice! And by 11 am I had soup in the crock pot and veggies baking. It's always fun to travel and always nice to be home.

There's an odd kind of craving that I've developed for the juice, a need for it in my body, and I was glad to be able to satisfy that need.

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