Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 338 Gratitude for what's available to me

It's Wednesday and our local organic chain, New Seasons, offers a senior discount of 10% on Wednesdays so this is the day I usually shop. I was particularly impressed with the produce section after my trip to Florida where local things were great but really limited. At New Seasons, everything is lovely and luscious and most of it is affordable if you don't pick things from Chile or Argentina or Israel.

I bought kale, cucumbers, lettuce, bananas, parsley, celery, portabello mushrooms, potatoes, peppers, mirepoix, red cabbage. I didn't get time to cook today but hope to get a soup on tomorrow and maybe also a veggie bake with one of the new sauces I bought.

I know that eating this way, with a focus on lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, is greatly enhanced by the accessibility and affordability of produce here. I've lived in other places (central Virginia, western Pennsylvania) and the winter is pretty dismal in the stores. Here, we just have a wealth of great food down the street. I am very grateful.

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