Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 339 An important 12-step promise that I don't always remember

Among the many wonderful promises in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous is the promise that if we work the steps and turn our lives over to the care of a Higher Power, we can be restored to sanity. And that certainly happened to me with alcohol. My relationship with alcohol was crazy, and not in a cute way. And when I found the courage and support to give it up, I got sanity back.

In a transformation program that I'm enrolled in, one of the teachers commented today on commitments (we're being asked to make quite a few) and what happens if we break them. Too often, she said, we invalidate ourselves and our commitment when we lapse (relapse) and we give up. Instead we can have compassion and seek support in getting restored to commitment. And I saw how commitment and sanity can be the same for me around sugar. How I can have compassion and seek support and be restored to my commitment and sane eating?

What would it take to restore you to a commitment you hold?

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