Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 340 The scourge of Valentine's Day

According to my reliable history source (Wikipedia,what else?), people have been thrusting sugar on other people on this day for nearly 300 years. Oh yeah, there are cards too and sometimes jewelry. And flowers are always nice. But come on, it's about the candy.

One of my most memorable relapses on sugar occurred on this day 12 years ago. I was coincidentally visiting friends in San Francisco and it was the husband's habit to buy his wife a dozen chocolate roses and a 5-lb. box of Sees candy. His daughter, who was always watching her weight, got a 2-lb box. The wife asked me if I would like a chocolate rose and I said yes even though I'd been abstaining from sugar for about 5 months. I got a rose and a 1-lb box, which I ate in a day. Then at the San Francisco Airport, I bought several "gift" boxes of chocolates from a kiosk. You can guess who the recipient was and how long they lasted.

While I have a well polished list of rationalizations around this, the truth is I can't leave sugar alone. The arrows in Cupid's quill of course are the arrows stuck in the body of the martyred saint. I think of them as so many ways to get stuck back in my addiction.

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