Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 343 Needing to move towards more protein

I haven't been feeling as good physically the last few weeks. There are lots of possible reasons. Travel to a hot climate and different food. Overloading on sugar. Under-exercising due to weather and some time constraints. But I think I need to change my food up a little.

My therapist has Type I diabetes and mentioned some concerns about my proposed high vegetable and grain diet with low levels of animal protein last March when I got started on this. Her diet is low in all carbohydrates, more along the Atkins diet. I didn't find the low animal protein problematic until I got back on sugar. But now I see that I've been doing fruits and vegetables and grains and refined sugars, a carb load that would do an ultra-marathoner proud!

So to right that balance for a while, I'm going to be adding some additional beans and lentils to my salads and soups and some eggs to my breakfast and see what happens.

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