Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day 346 Staying out of advice

My good friend Judy emailed me Monday with a comment on a recent blog post on sugar in which she offered some ideas on shifts I could make in my food plan. Although I knew it was well meaning--I know she cares about me--I still read it as advice and I wrote back a rather neutral reply of thanks. Wise woman that she is, she immediately wrote to apologize and take it back.

I so appreciated her acknowledgement of how that might have landed with me. I know only too well how thin the line is between well-meaning suggestion and unsolicited advice and how often I step over that line myself. Most of us don't want either coming our way. The truth is we pretty much all know by now what we need to do. We've got plenty of information and lots of instructions.

What we need is inspiration, support, encouragement, and occasionally, when we ask for it, coaching. But coaching isn't advice either. It's the delicate art of asking the right questions so we can figure things out for ourselves. Twice this week I've heard characters in TV shows saw "talk less, listen more." I don't usually get my inspiration from the small screen but that's good for me to consider.

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