Monday, February 24, 2014

Day 350 Integrity: an expanded meaning

In the money program I'm enrolled in with Dave Ellis and Lynne Twist, we've been talking about integrity. Lynne reminded us yesterday that integrity is more than keeping your word. It's about honoring your word. That means that when you find you can't keep your word, you say so and make other arrangements including accommodating those you may have disappointed or caused difficulties for.

This conversation reminded me that I have much better integrity around my word with other people than I do with myself. I wouldn't dream of not showing up for a date with a friend or a client (or not calling to cancel and being sure the cancellation was received). But I don't hesitate to cancel out on a date with myself to go to the studio or take a walk or stop working and read for a while. I honor my word with others and not as often with myself.

And of course I'm very reluctant to examine how this plays out with my willingness and commitments to abstain from addictive behaviors. Much to think about here.

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