Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 356 Evie update

Several of you have been asking for an update on my newest family member, Christmas Evie, also known as the Evester, Squeaks, and Squeakerdoodle. Evie is now 6 months old and she weighs about 5 pounds. She looks much more like a cat than a kitten but she races around, plays with toys, wrestles, and snuggles like a kitten. I hope she keeps those things a long time.

She is also teething. She likes the edges of cardboard boxes (spitting out the pieces she rips out) and apparently my iPad charger cord, which no longer works and has teeth marks in it.

She has become very affectionate. If we're in a room together and I call her name, she will come and get up on my chest and snuggle or she'll come up on the desk and step on the keyboard and ask to be picked up the way Sammy and Frannie do (I think they have each taught the next one to do that).

When I'm here alone, she doesn't hide at all anymore. When someone else comes though, she runs immediately either under the bed or under the big chair in the office. Occasionally, now, she will come and sit in the hallway door and see what's going on when there's a circle in the living room. She's getting bolder.

She's a sweet girl and I'm glad to her although four cats on the bed last night didn't leave me much room.

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