Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 361 Do you have the FLC syndrome?

I don't read too many health blogs. I've got plenty of information about what I should be doing, shouldn't be doing, should be eating, shouldn't be eating. Much of the information is inconsistent or contradictory. Drink your weight in ounces of water every day. Don't drink so much water. Drink fruit juice. Don't drink fruit juice. Eat very little fat. We need a lot of healthy fat. It's pretty crazy-making.

But one link on Facebook caught my eye: Do you have the FLC syndrome? Curiosity got the better of me. FLC stands for Feel Like Crap. The article described exactly how I'd been feeling a year ago, before I started on the path to fresher eating. Semi-tired most of the time. A little achy in the joints. A lot of stiffness. General sluggishness. General low but steady anxiety and irritability. Nothing really wrong but not feeling really good. My acronym would be FSOC (Feel Sort of Crappy).

What's the cure for FLC? No surprises there. Lots of raw and lightly cooked vegetables. Some lean, clean meat and fish. Little or no dairy. Little or no wheat. Clean water. A variety of fruits. Some grains. Eat fresh. Don't eat processed. I found this all a good reminder.

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