Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How much is enough?

I don't usually think of myself as an excessive person. I don't hoard stuff, I move things along when I'm done with them or know I'm never going to use them. My mother taught me well in that regard. But even though I do a major purge once a year and de-clutter frequently (there's always a bag collecting unwanteds in my office closet), I have way more than enough of just about everything.

One of the big surprises in charting out my income and expenditures for 2013 was how much I spend on clothes. I don't think of myself as an extravagant dresser. I don't buy hundreds of pairs of shoes or cocktail dresses I have no place to wear, or scarves or jewelry or any of those collectible. And I have way more than I need.

I have 11 scarves. I almost never wear any of them. Two are new.
I have 30 pairs of earrings. I wear earrings a couple of times a month.
I have 8 black dress short-sleeved t-shirts. I have 10 black long sleeved shirts. I don't wear much black anymore.
I have about 100 books I haven't read. I bought 2 new books last week.
I have enough art supplies for a small classroom. I bought new paints last month.

I have a closet full of clothes and I wear about 1/4 of them regularly.

How much is enough?

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