Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A reader's reply to asking for what we want

My friend Lily Gael sent me this after reading the recent post on what we want. I loved it so much I got her permission to share it with you:

  • I want courage to stay in the dirt and the leafs and seeds and harvest-times with conviction to pass right by the shiny soulless things that still call to me from the corner of my eyes from the marketplaces.
  • I want Rest in the knowledge that I am firmly on My soul path. 
  • I want openness to continued surprise and awe-inspiration events in both my days and nights.  
  • I want a ready-compassion for my naturally waning daily action-orientated energy supply. 
  • I want Love of my body and natural whole food meal-plan (not just an infatuation!). 
  • I want wisdom to keep on dancing; praying and listening from my feet on up.

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