Friday, April 4, 2014

Angle for bigger outcomes

Part of the default future for me is playing it safe. I make a good living from editing and I could go on doing that for the rest of my life, if my brain holds up. It's pretty interesting and I'm really good at it. My clients are generally very happy with the work I do, and I perform a valuable service as their written work is important to them, whether it's a doctoral dissertation or a novel or a web site. In the face of so much published bad writing, I'm happy to help be part of a trend for better written documents.

So there's nothing wrong with my life as it is. But I want to angle for bigger outcomes. If this is my one chance at an embodied life in this beautiful and amazing world, then I want to spend the rest of it creating interesting characters and wonderful poems and beautiful paintings.

If you were going to angle for something bigger, what would it be?

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