Sunday, April 13, 2014

Courting the unpredictable

One of the promises the workshop leaders have made to us participants is that we will see unpredictable results: unpredictable ideas, solutions, happenings. And we did some exercises designed to get us to think things we hadn't thought before, say things we hadn't said before, want things we hadn't wanted before.

Because I'd agreed to be all in at the workshop, I put my skepticism aside and looked to see what might happen. I began to listen differently to the ideas other people were saying. Not that I wanted their ideas, although there were some good ones, but I could bounce off those ideas. Soon I was furiously taking notes to review later as food for thought.

My real breakthrough came on the third evening when our homework was to want a whole bunch of things we'd not expressed wanting before. I gave myself lots of time to think and pace around my small room (and out on to the porch to commune with the stars in the clear April night). Here are a few surprising things I came up with:

I want to charge a lot for my art.
I want regular emotional outbursts.
I want to go through coach training.
I want someone to watch over me.
I want one or more of my paintings in an art museum.
I want a 20-year lease on my apartment at my current rent.

It was a fun and interesting exercise to really stretch, to really find new ways. Sure, these are aligned with my other wants but I'd never expressed them this way before. It's a cool idea!

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