Monday, April 7, 2014

Just back from an intense and amazing weekend

in Marin County on my money program. I'll be sharing a lot about it as I process the three days of information and transformation. This morning I wrote this poem about the natural end of the experience.

In gratitude

Green is brilliant
In the north of California
In early April
When long-prayed-for rains
Have come at last
And painted the pastures
And hillsides with a young palette
So intense that surely even
The grazing animals must see it

Or perhaps the cattle, the horses, the deer
Smell the green
On the cool air that ruffles
Each blade
Or on the breeze that
Quivers the oak leaves
Quickens the blood

I stand beneath the blue dome
Each particle of sunshine
Each rise and roll of hill
Splayed out before me
Like a banquet
And something quickens in me too

High up enough to wrap my sight
Around a tiny bit of
Her amazing circumference
I fall in love again
With the beauty of my world
And the brilliant green
Of the north of California
In early April

Jill Kelly

April 7, 2014

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