Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The tree of how's: an organizational system

Over the weekend I got reintroduced to an organizational system that I use from time to time. It involves 3x5 cards and can be used to manage a project. You write each item (outcome, aspect, way) on a card and then lay them out in a way that outlines it for you. Here's one I did.

Desired outcome:  Vibrant Health

Aspects: Nutrition, Better Sleep, More Flexibility, Steady Peace of Mind, Extraordinary Physical Fitness

Ways to get there:

Nutrition: Get off sugar again, find a new food buddy, call J.B. for info, do a big dose of probiotics, get a snack schedule for maintaining blood sugar, take chromium supplements, get back on my coach's schedule, realign my eating with the food plan, reduce oils in my diet, do everything that my coach suggests

Sleep: Don't eat after 7, no screens (tv or computer) after 8:30, have the window open whenever weather permits, get some more comfortable pajamas, feed the cats right before I go to bed

Flexibility: stretch after walking, stretch the last 10 minutes of each gym session, stretch in bed each morning, get over how I feel about yoga, ask EB about a few sessions or take a class from her, do my PT exercises at least 3 times a week

Peace of Mind: Meditate before dinner, journal to write down and empty out the day before bed, join a meditation group, do inspirational reading once a day, listen to soft music, petting meditation, sit on my porch swing any time of day

Fitness: Find a cardio coach that can help with my anxiety issues, alternate intensity with duration, do something every day, figure out zumba, walk before one meal a day, figure out a comprehensive weight-lifting plan, do different things at the gym, ask Alex (age 24) about some great new music for the treadmill, set a goal.

With the card system, you can add new how's any time to another card in the stack and you can brainstorm with friends or buddies and write a card for each of their ideas.

Later, I'll be sharing some other outlines I created. I'd love to hear some of yours.

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Cayce said...

Love this idea! Do you post the cards somewhere or keep them with you to refer to?