Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A poem about cat obsessions

Ac-cord-ing to Nellie

Nellie is having an affair
The object of her obsession
The hairdryer cord
That hangs down in a tangle
From the bathroom counter

She walks in casually
Doesn’t seem to notice
Then as if pulled by a magnet
Or Fate
She’s in front of it
Paw cautiously proffered
She barely grazes it
But it starts its dance
And it’s a snake
And she bats harder
And the snake jumps
And she does too
Like an electrified kitten

And it settles back down
Against the cabinet door
And she turns away
Throwing a glance
Not of alarm
But of invitation
And sometimes what she sees
Is alluring
And the game gets another turn
And sometimes she’s satisfied for now

The hairdryer isn’t new
And neither is Nellie
This game has gone on for 12 years
I can’t know if she knows
It’s a game
Or if it is a snake
But we are alike in this
For I have my own tangled cords
Of fear and attraction
My own imaginary dangers to flirt with
Year after year

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