Sunday, May 18, 2014

Realizing I need better transitions

On Friday, due to a spam glitch, the second part of a big work project didn't arrive. I didn't think to check spam as I've emailed with this client dozens of times without a problem so I just assumed he was still working on it. It wasn't until about 4 pm that I got concerned, tried to reach him without success (he'd left for the day), and then checked spam. The bad news was that I lost 6 hours I could have spent on the project on Friday, which I had to make up yesterday. But the good news was that Friday, a day when I felt pretty burnt out by the short heat wave we had and six long working days in a row, because a spacious day when I got a number of small things done at my leisure.

I have trouble building leisure into my schedule. It's not that I don't know how to goof off and have fun. I do and there are a lot of things I enjoy but I'm realizing that I don't shift into leisure quickly or easily. Work for me is like a moving walkway. I get going faster and faster and then I fall off.

I've heard it recommended to take a 10-minute break every hour and read in a novel or listen to music or take a walk. But that short a time frame just doesn't work for me. All I'm thinking about is the work I'm going back to and that antsy feeling isn't the hallmark of successful relaxation for me.

I think this is true for a lot of us. It's why we come home and drink or eat. We're looking for a big transition from the bigness of work and its absorption. I don't drink anymore and I don't want to use food that way (although most days I do). I'm needing some better big transitions.

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