Monday, May 19, 2014

Still cooking

I haven't talked about cooking much lately but I'm still at it. I juice about every 5th day, making a quart and a half at a time. I have settled into a regular juice of carrots, 1 apple, several cucumbers, a head of romaine (the most nutritious of the lettuces) and kale, plus one or two other things: cabbage, fennel, parsley, celery) for flavoring. Sometimes I also juice cooked beets and a lime or a lemon. Then I make a smoothie with juice and a banana and a lot of baby spinach and a variety of other fruits, which almost always includes some kind of organic berry. I drink about 3 cups of smoothing throughout the morning.

My latest chicken bake was chicken thighs (boneless, skinless), thinly sliced yellow potato, zucchini rounds, chopped celery, some shredded kale, a jar of marinated artichokes, and a jar of black olives with the juice from the 'chokes and a cup of chicken broth and garlic and some seasonings. A really good one!

Last soup: a can of organic pumpkin, a jar of Trader Joe's marsala simmer sauce, big butternut squash cubes, leftover green salad (no dressing), shredded cabbage, diced onion, yellow pepper, zucchini rounds, and a cup of chicken broth. Crock pot for 3 hours.

I still love this way of cooking and eating.

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