Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Taking on your drainers

I've written about drainers before but not for a while. Drainers are those little and big projects in your home or office that drain your energy every time you see them or think of them.

Here are some of my current drainers:

My ceilings need repainting. It's been 12 years and they're dingy.
One of my bookcases and my bedframe need repainting. It's been more than 20 years.
My computer cords have become an unsightly mess that offends me when I walk in the room.
I have a couple of stains on the office carpet from a leaky pen that I just haven't cleaned up.
My basement storage space is out of control.
I got half-way through setting up my art website and got distracted with other things. It needs finishing.
Likewise, my paintings got half-inventoried and I met a snag and stopped.

In many ways, drainers are like debt. It's hard to create something new when old stuff is incomplete. Decades ago, a financial advisor told me to pay off all credit card before I started saving. The small interest you earn on savings, he said, is nothing compared to the interest it's costing you to carry card debt.

Similarly, the energy it's costing me with drainers isn't worth it. So I've taken on completing one drainer a month. April was carpet cleaning month. I took my four most trodden rugs to the a local company that does a great job. Not cheap but this will extend the life of these rugs I love. May is going to be a busy editing month so I'm going to choose the cord mess and the office carpet stains as my drainers of the month.

What drainers might you take on?

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