Friday, May 30, 2014

Travelling with plan food has become a routine

Yesterday I had a long teaching day and today I leave for the coast for two nights. I'm teaching a writing workshop at Sitka Art and Ecology Center. Yesterday morning, I quickly planned out my food for the trip.

Fresh juice, made last night with greens from my friend Melanie's garden. Frozen fruit to put in the cooler for smoothie. Some Party Hearty gluten-free black bread from Happy Camper bakery and my organic peanut butter. Nutribullet in the insulated food bag. Two breakfasts done.

Dinner I'll eat out tonight and tomorrow night. The coast is always good for a crab or shrimp louie.

 Lunches: I've some veggie soup from the last batch, leftover kale salad, and some tuna. Then I'll go by Whole Foods this morning and get a big box of salad from the salad bar. Bottle of safe dressing. I'm set.

Oh and snacks: a couple of Kind bars, some almonds, a couple of apples. Done.

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