Saturday, June 14, 2014

Midway clarity in the money program 1

Tomorrow is the midway point in the 9-month money program I'm involved in. And perhaps not surprisingly, after doing a whole bunch of really valuable exercises, I'm back around to my original intention: balancing my work life and my creative life. But with all this examination and reflection, I have a much clearer feeling about making it happen.

Originally, my intention was to find a way to stop editing so much and spend more creative time by having my books and art be a steady and substantial income stream. While this is still possible, art and book marketing are not a particularly reliable source of income. While some people make great money from those sources, most do not. In addition, anything that is sourced in discretionary income (people's extra money) can be difficult to count on. I also realized there would be a steep learning curve for me in the art/book marketing department and I wasn't sure I wanted to put a lot of time and energy into that.

Next I began looking at other potential income sources: coaching, leading workshops, teaching, doing presentations, all things that I'm doing already. It was less of a stretch to think of expanding one or several of those possibilities but I also knew it would take a fair amount of time and energy to establish myself as a leader in one of those fields and that would take time away from writing and painting.

For a few weeks, I've been stuck.

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