Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Midway clarity in the money program 2

After a couple of weeks of not knowing how to move forward, I had a series of great conversations with trusted advisers and I got really clear that what I'm wanting for my life is this: to thrive creatively and thrive financially and have a balanced life of work and play.

It's a bit hard to explain why this feels different to me. Perhaps it is in the phrasing and the use of the word thrive. Perhaps it is in the power of setting an intention vs. entering into an inquiry. For the past months, I've been focused less on what I want and more on figuring how I'm going to make it happen. But one of my biggest challenges in life is to be okay with not knowing how, to rest in not knowing, and to trust that things will work out.

If I look at this as a one-day-at-a-time intention, then each day I can look for ways to thrive financially and to thrive creatively. Those can be the measure of a good day. Some activities can work towards both and some won't. But it feels good to be standing in this clear space.

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