Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Poem from life

On Spitting

No straws, no spitting
These were among my instructions

Spitting isn't in my repertoire
of social communications
Like most women
I keep my fluids to myself
or use a tissue or a hanky
or even my T-shirt if I'm on the treadmill
So no spitting for a few days isn't a hardship
While the hole left
by the departing wisdom tooth
heals over

But a large percentage
of the population
must spit--
Beyond the linguistic command
to the hesitant (spit it out)--
to warrant this written exhortation
to refrain from oral violence.

Maybe men spit to impress each other
Like lining up at urinals
to compare size and stream
A different kind of pissing contest

Would women be more liberated
if we too spit whenever
we didn't like what was going on
inside us
instead of swallowing it and tamping it down

Expectorate, the fancy word for spit,
comes from pectoral, the muscles that support
our breasts
Literally, to drive from the breast
Maybe we would be better off
spitting more and stuffing less

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