Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sick of gun violence in schools

A 15-year-old kills a 14-year-old he doesn't know with a rifle, shoots a teacher, and then kills himself in the bathroom of his high school. As I was driving to meet a friend today, I wondered what would happen if the gun owner was arrested and imprisoned as an accessory. Making the kids responsible is useless. The shooters kill themselves and the gun owner and the gun seller and the gun maker go on owning and selling and making more guns so that more kids who are disaffected or pissed off or mentally ill or thwarted or unhappy can wreak havoc on others. I realize the gun owners are grieving parents. What did they think? That they would somehow be immune from this unhappiness, this tragedy?

And why is it that we give the NRA such power in our Congress? It isn't about the Constitution. That's a ploy. It's about money and the huge money that individuals, gangs, manufacturers, shop owners, make off of guns. Our kids are paying the price of adult mostly male fear and swagger and it sickens me.

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