Wednesday, June 11, 2014


From a friend and a conversation about what transformation is. Werner Erhard was the orginator of EST and the ideas behind Landmark and other transformational programs.

Jill, Werner Erhard had written this some years ago.  It gives us insight into what transformation looks like… And, I think we can apply this to almost any condition we are dealing with. Barry

"I’m talking about accepting the condition of suffering. I’m talking about confronting the condition of suffering and allowing it and accepting it. In allowing it and accepting it and embracing it, one transcends it, but you can’t do that in order to transcend it. You have to deal with it honestly and as it is—you accept that this is the way life is. It’s interesting because the source of suffering is the notion that this is not the way life is. Suffering is a function of the notion that “this is not it.” And when you accept that life cannot work out of the notion that this is not it, you begin to create the space for yourself that this is it, and when you realize that this is it, there is no suffering. Not that there is no suffering, it’s that suffering has been transformed. It’s no longer operating you. The suffering is a function of the notion that this isn’t it. Suffering is transformed, or transmuted, out of the realization that this is it."     …Werner Erhard

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