Friday, July 4, 2014

Poem from life

Getting along with my ailing getalong

Like Walter Brennan,
an actor in a silly TV show
from the 1950s
I now have a hitch in my getalong.
Like most American women
of my generation
I learned a circumspect walk
No free and loose swinging
of the hips for us
We learned to walk tight
Freezing the pelvis
to enhance our modesty
It didn't save us from
construction worker catcalls
or sailors' whistles
And it has given me
hip muscles that are now
a literal pain the butt
I never meant to be a tight ass
To have gluteals like concrete
I just didn't want to be a floozy
Now I wish I'd been more floozy
As a loose woman
I'd have had hips
That would be serving me better now

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