Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Poem from life


Remnants of her younger self
Lingered in bathroom drawers
Eye polish, liner, blusher
Nail polish, perfume
Silver jewelry rolled into a special bag
That kept the tarnish from taking over

She'd stopped using it all years before
She was beautiful or she wasn't
And she could no longer see
How embellishments would
Make any difference

She was aging well
Thanks to her mother's gift
Of good skin
A good hairdresser
And the extra pounds that kept
Her face plumped up
She didn't stay fat
To look younger
But it was a nice side effect

She'd made a conscious choice
To let go of makeup
But she didn't know why or when
She'd given up wearing
All the lovely jewelry
Too fussy perhaps
A complication rather than an adornment
She needed things simpler now

Yet she couldn't bring herself
To toss out the makeup
Or give away the jewelry

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