Thursday, July 10, 2014

Poem from my life

Yesterday I lost it
The magic thread
That connects me to this sacred place
Nor could I find
The bonds of love
That hold me in
The circle of women
Who come here with me
And I went spinning
Out, then down
My manuscript
A folly of failure
With nothing to offer me
Commitment and determination
Like the last of the water
In the bowl of Buddha
Where the robins bathe
I was not cast out
Of the Garden
The lilies and lavender
And sweet herbs with their
Green and purple scents
Still wafting in the warm air
The hummingbirds still at play
In the crimson poppies
But I wandered adrift
Untethered by purpose
Or enthusiasm
These steady companions had vanished
As if sucked from my soul
By some force unseen in the night
I did not try to understand
To call in Mind and Reason
Instead I floated listless
And let the sadness
of loss and disconnection cradle me
Hoping that the thread,
The lifeline
Would find its way back to me

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