Friday, July 11, 2014

Staying out of dread

I have little to no equanimity when it comes to hot weather. I tolerated the summers of rural Virginia and western Pennsylvania with air conditioning and learning to move much more slowly but my body responds to high heat with a kind of general malaise (headache, nausea, lethargy) that is most unpleasant. So I was happy to move back to Portland where there are few wretchedly hot spells in a summer and most of them come in late August when the days are shorter. I don't have air conditioning in my apartment though the last few years have been much easier in the heat we do get because my new landlord immediately put in good windows and insulation so that I can keep whatever cool I've got going.

For the last 10 days I've been on Whidbey Island north of Seattle and the weather has been idyllic. It was cloudy with a bit of showers the first few days and then mid- to upper 70s with low 50s at night. It stays cooler not only because of the breezes off Puget Sound but also because it is heavily forested and the shade and oxygen made a big difference. So I've escaped the first part of the current Portland heat wave but I am heading home tomorrow for the brunt of it.

Trying very hard to stay in the now of this coolness, this comfort, and deal with the heat when I get there. Hard to do for a comfort junkie.

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