Monday, July 7, 2014

Ten ideas a day

Since I read the article on practicing generating ideas so it becomes an easily accessible skill, I've been making a list of 10 ideas on something as part of my morning writing routing. It's very fun. Here are a couple of my lists:

10 classes I could take

  1. Portuguese
  2. Flower arranging
  3. Bread making
  4. Life drawing
  5. Color and design
  6. Encaustic painting
  7. Poetry revision
  8. Horse back riding
  9. Weight training
  10. Swimming
10 ways to become famous

  1. Write a porn best-seller
  2. Shoot someone famous
  3. Be a mass murderer or serial killer
  4. Get elected to major office and then post nude photos of myself online
  5. Marry someone famous and have lots of public problems
  6. Get kidnapped in some spectacular way (faked would be best)
  7. Embezzle from a big corporation
  8. Win the lottery and do something unusual with the money
  9. Do very weird art for a documentary
  10. Stalk a celebrity

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