Sunday, July 13, 2014

Understanding where it goes

Today is my first day of a week of tracking where my times goes in 15-minute increments. I'm doing the record keeping in my creative journal and just listing a thumbnail sketch of what I do every 15 minutes. Today turned out to be much cooler than anticipated (thanks to the Goddess for some heat relief), so I ended up doing things outside (dead-heading plants, sweeping the terrace and porches, household chores, some work, reading on the swing with at least one cat always beside me.

I've been asking my coach about time management techniques and he suggested this activity. "It's tedious," he said, "but very valuable. You'll see where time is leaking away and you'll see if you're using your time wisely and just trying to do too much."

I was headed out for vacation the last time I talked to him so I agreed to do it this week. If I'd thought of it yesterday, I could have started then but no matter. I've kept track today and will see how the week goes. If you decide to do this too, let me know what you discover.

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