Friday, July 18, 2014

What is your personal net worth?

Our assignment this week in the money program is to create a statement of personal net worth. These are personal assets and liabilities in all domains except money (we are separately doing a financial net worth).
It's been a most interesting exercise.

I have a lot of assets: for example, a great apartment that I can afford in a great location with a great close friend as neighbor and it has a covered terrace and a porch swing, I have a solid exercise program, I have loving and affectionate close friends, I have wonderful cats, a reliable, high-mileage car that's paid for and it's red, I have plenty of interesting well-paid work, I have a studio close by that I can afford, I live in a wonderful city and a country with many freedoms. I've been working at the asset list for a couple of days and keep thinking of more things.

Writing the liability list is a different experience. I started with a number of minor physical health difficulties and then moved on to recurrent emotional issues that plague me some or a lot from time to time and that remain obstacles to my extraordinary life. The 12 steps keep me pretty free of unfinished business but I have sorrow around several old friendships that died so I put them down. But I'm having trouble thinking of very much.

I think there are two reasons for this. I have a very blessed life. My liabilities are few but real sticklers, problems I resist solving.

What would your personal net worth list look like?

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