Thursday, August 28, 2014

A blow to my listening for men

I sometimes struggle to have a positive listening for men. My own relationships with partners have all been difficult and disappointing. My unhealthiness attracted weak and unfaithful men. The men in the public eye, politicians, celebrities, are for the most part no better. In addition, my women friends seldom disappoint me the way men do. But I have worked hard over the last couple of decades to have a better sense of men and believing there are some good ones out there.

That faith has been shaken the last several months. Two of my friends have learned that their husbands of many years have been cheating on them for months and not just casually but in serious relationships. The first husband I don't know. I only know the wife and her heartbreak. The second man I do know and I have always believed him to be of high integrity. I'm saddened not only for his wife, my good friend, who is shattered by this, but for men in general. I'm disappointed.

I have been the unfaithful partner. I know how that happens. I also know the hurt it caused my partner and the damage it did to me as well. I am very sad.

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