Tuesday, August 12, 2014

asking my friends to mother me

During my inner work two weeks ago, my magician/coach Denny Gregg asked me to ask some mutual women friends to mother me when next we got together. So Friday night, I was at our annual summer sleepover (dinner, cards and talk, breakfast) with three of these women and I asked them for what I needed. 15 minutes of their time collectively to mother the small child within me. And they were glad to do so.

We had a lovely dinner and got caught up with each other and played canasta and swapped books we'd brought that we'd enjoyed and about midnight I got into my pajamas and brushed my teeth and got on the bed that had been assigned to me and they all piled on and for the next 40 (!!!) minutes, they rubbed my arms and my forehead, my hands and feet, caressed my face and just held me. I wept several times from the sweet tenderness of it. I drifted off to sleep as they left the room.

It couldn't have been lovelier. What tenderness could you ask for?

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Mariodacatsmom said...

You were being pampered royally and I'm so envious! What a great group of friends you have to do that for you. I hope you slept extra well that night.