Monday, August 18, 2014

Creating my own 31-day challenge

I'm a lover of lists and  organizational structures, and I read a blog post recently that offered a bunch of 30-day challenges for fitness or weight loss or decluttering. And I thought what if I create my own 31-day challenge (or maybe a series of them)? So here's my first one.

When fall comes, I usually get a hankering for tidiness on the inside so this should be perfect for September: my only criteria was no more than 20 minutes for each item:

1. Put photos from box into albums
2. Wash the glass in the screen doors.
3. Clean out my work basket.
4. Clean the cobwebs off the terrace.
5. Organize my tea and spice shelves.
6. Organize my canned goods so I can find stuff.
7. Do 20 minutes in my basement storage.
8.  Do 20 minutes in my basement storage.
9. Do 20 minutes in my basement storage.
10. Go through the top drawer of the file cabinet.
11. Do bottom drawer of file cabinet.
12. Tidy up my computer cords around my desk. (long-standing drainer)
13. Do three shelves of the craft closet.
14. Do other three shelves of the craft closet.
!5. Sort through and organize the contents of the freezer.
16. Go through the gift wrap.
17. Do two shelves of the office closet.
18. Do the other two shelves of the office closet.
19. Go through the greeting cards.
20. Do four kitchen drawers.
21. Under the kitchen sink.
22. Go through my scarves (be ruthless).
23. Under the bathroom sink.
24. Medicine cabinet and first aid kit.
25. Front hall closet
26. Trunk of the car and the glove compartment.
27. Do the two desk drawers.
28. Shelves over the fridge.
29. Rip out the waist of the dress I want to make into a pillow
30. Go through shoes and shoe tubs and clean closet floor.
31. Go through my jewelry and plan a give-away.

I'm very excited about doing one of these each day (in any order I feel like). What 31-day challenge would you create? Send it to me and I'll post it on the blog. Cheers!

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